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Voice of Araria : Mohan Kumar

Araria District
Area, Population & Sex Ratio

Geographical Area : 2830.0 Km2
Population in Araria (Census 2011)
Total Population
Total : 2,806,200
Male : 1,460,878
Female : 1,345,322

Under 6 population
Total : 564,131
Male : 288,728
Female : 275,403

Disabled population
Total disabled population : 63414
In seeing : 36342
In speech : 5332
In hearing : 3139
In movement : 13347
Mental : 5254

Rank ( Analysis )
Backwardness : 158
Sex Ratio Rank : 194 (Rank one is least sex ratio - Cenus 2001)
HIV Category District : A (HIV Sentinel Surveillance 2004 - 2006)
Disability : 89 (Census 2001)
Literacy Ratio : 585 (Census 2001)
Minority : Yes

Brief About Araria District

Sub Divisions : Araria, Farbisganj.
Blocks : Araria, Raniganj, Bharganwan, Kursakata, Sikti, Narpatganj, Farbisganj, Palasi, Jokihat.
Agriculture : Paddy, Maize, Jute
Industry : Jute Mills
Rivers : Kosi, Suwara, Kali and Koli

Geographical Location

Araria is situated at the southern part of Purnia and Medhepura in Bihar. Borders of Araria are surrounded by Nepal in northern side, Kishanganj in western side and Supaul at south-eastern side. The district came into existence by division of Purnia district on Makar-Sankranti day of 1990.

District border is adjacent to border of Nepal, so the district is important in terms of security.

Jogbani is the last point of Araria and after that "Virat Nagar" district of Nepal starts.

For transportation both train and road media's are available. Araria contains two bus terminals one at '0' mile and second in city. Buses for most of the districts are available and as well as for internal blocks too.

Train facility is in the form of meter gauge track. This track ends one side to the Katihar, which is a big and important junction where from trains to all over India are available, other end of track is Jogbani the last point of Indian rail.
Nearest Railway Station :Araria court & Araria(R S)
Distance from Purnia : 42 Km.
Nearest Airport :Bagdogara
Distance from Nepal : 42 Km.

The state of Bihar, consisting of 24 districts, is divided into nine administrative divisions namely Patna, Purnia, Munger ,Bhagalpur , Koshi, Tirhut, Magadh, Saran, Rohtas.

Purnia division is having 4 Districts, Araria District is divided into 9 talukas
(administrative units ) and two sub-divisions as per details given below.

Sub- Divisions : Araria
Blocks within the Sub-division : Araria, Kursakanta, Siktti, Raniganj,

Sub- Divisions : Forbesganj
Blocks within the Sub-division : Jokihat, Palasi, Forbesganj, Bhargama, Narpatganj

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